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Gymnasium & Athletic Venue Safety Inspections

WE AIM FOR ZERO - Let's Target Your Concerns Before They Are an Issue

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As a business owner and family man, the founder of BROC always took a focus on maximizing safety inside a gymnasium or athletic facility given the number of kids that get to play and enjoy them daily. As a result of knowing the implications of unsafe equipment, he would not accept putting his kids in harm's way or any others for that matter. For that reason, one of the big areas of focus for BROC is helping improve and/or maintain safety inside these facilities whether it is BROC installed or not. There is a high standard for safety on a BROC job site and ensuring every person that enters the site, exits in the same condition as they entered at the end of the day. Same goes for kids or anyone using these facilities. TARGET ZERO is an effort to help ensure that stays true no matter the situation. For that in cases where the facility operator wants or needs the assistance, BROC will partner with them through certified inspections using folks that service, install and maintain such equipment daily. We know what to look for and identify glaring concerns on-site and if desired help to make them disappear.

If this is not something that interests, below is some information on tips or tricks on how to help make sure the facility is in tip top shape. A number of articles around safety are in our BROC U page as well. Our phones are open if you just need a quick experienced mind to bounce an issue off of, our folks will do what they can to answer directly a safety issue or provide you some additional information.

Join us in our quest for ZERO by letting us be your active prevention. Safety of the athletic facilities and gymnasiums that we work in daily, is our number one concern. We want every facility to be the safest place for the students and the public, to occupy and enjoy without concern. BROC's target is ZERO, that is zero incidents, zero near misses and zero liability for the school or the underwriter covering it. Let's all work together to TARGET ZERO!

Certified Inspection Coverage

  • Telescoping bleachers inspections
  • Stadium seating inspections
  • Basketball backstop inspections
  • Gymnasium divider curtains inspections
  • Volleyball equipment inspections
  • Safety wall pad inspections

We provide inspections for schools and dedicated athletic venues alike to help with maintenance programs to extend the life of a significant investment but most importantly to help ensure the safety of the equipment inside our gymnasiums and athletic facilities to address potential hazards prior to them becoming serious liabilities.

Drone Capabilities

  • In line with one of our key values, we are innovating the inspection process through accessing MORE with less potential hazards to our inspectors and less downtime for the venue. For this we implement the use of drones for aerial inspections on large scale projects....
  • Project inspection types:
    • Large stadiums
    • Outdoor arenas
    • Outdoor amphitheaters
    • Large scale athletic facilities

Addressing Safety Standards for our Schools' Gymnasiums

Federal Occupational Health’s (FOH) division of Environmental Health Services can help agencies ensure they are in compliance with all applicable OSHA mandates, rules, and regulations. FOH’s experts are available to provide training, on-site safety and health inspections and consultations. In addition, OSHA has made training courses available to public sector safety so that such standards are met in the likes of schools as well.

For Federal agencies committed to providing a safe and healthful work environment to their employees and colleagues, FOH can provide comprehensive consultative services, inspections, and audits aimed at assuring compliance with required OSHA regulations and is beginning to become more prevalent in the public venues as well. BROC’s goal and target is to be an extension on such inspections to maintain a safe facility for all to enjoy. Let us work together to help encourage the safety of our facilities and public domains, ensuring equipment and facilities that are free of harm.

Active prevention is our best policy.

A Message from Consumer Product Safety Commission