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About Us

The Culture

Family-Owned and Operated

  • BROC was originally founded in 1982 by Rick Baker under the name Bleacher Restorators of Colorado with a focus in bleacher sourcing, installation and repair. This was after nearly 10 years in the construction industry doing it for someone else. He set some of the core groundwork for what the business is today and is a large reason why this company has been able to thrive and grow. Through time as he supported a family and embraced the idea within his business and onto his employees, his kids came aboard at various stages in the company's history where they continue to be part of helping cultivate a successful business delivering top notch results. This idea of family resonates from the top down and is a strong focus of the team and what BROC's core values are based in and is the foundation that supports its growth daily.

Market Leader

  • Today, BROC continues to push the envelope within the seating and equipment space from how it is designed, sourced and delivered to how it is maintained and in proper working condition. Still under original management and a team with over a century of combined experience, BROC's vision is to become a market leader in all of the geographies it services through over-serving their customers every chance available and reducing the friction in the process of delivering facility solutions in seating and equipment needs. To do this, BROC continues to focus on its people and assist them in making the client experience the best it can be. The people are what make BROC what it is. It is the relationships internally as well as externally that remain the priority in delivering elevated results. Since this company is multi-generational, clearly its results do not stop or get gauged from one quarter to the next, but rather it is gauged on the impact from generation to generation at the ownership level as well as the employee level. We want to see owners and employees alike flourish and want to work here and be part of the BROC family generations over. This is our road map to market leadership...it rests in our people, we trust together we will get there.



Our Team's Role

We ask the whole BROC team to wear many hats within the company to help best serve the staff as well as the customer. Every member of the team is asked to interact with the customer every day helping to understand and assist with their problems and provide a solution forward. Because of this, our team promotes multi-dimensionality and no one member is more important than another. Every person within the organizations knows what is expected and has come to expect high standards from the whole team. We are creating accountability, responsibility and performance toward each other and our customers.

Every person within the company has a role and is critical in helping make every day a success to the best of their ability. We never find it gets easier, but we always get better.

BROC Alumni Represented

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BROC Core Values



As a family-owned and operated business, it remains an important part of day to day success. Every individual that is a part of the team is an extension of the BROC family and is treated and expected to act as one between one another.



Constant focus on progressing the company beyond the status quo both through its people and further corporate development. Decisions and actions are made on this value to maintain a forward focus.



Provide products/services/solutions with a safety-first mentality; engineering solutions with the safety of our team and end users as first priority.



All members are responsible for their actions and will be held to the company's high standard just as the company as a whole is to its customers and vendors alike.



Trust is key to the company's success. Trust should be in each member to each other and to the company. The actions the team takes is a constant effort to sustain the trust of its existing customers and gain the trust of new potential customers.

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