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What’s on Your Injury Prevention Checklist?

BROC U Issue #6: Prevent Injury from Lack of Attention in Your Athletic Facility - Start with Building a Checklist Some Places to Begin: Do you have high confidence in the safety of your athletic equipment during its use? Is there any substandard, broken or defective equipment? Are there any hazardous surfaces? Is there adequate padding for injury prevention and is it in working condition? Is the stadium reviewed and prepared for high traffic and your spectators? Are there any worn ropes, wires, or cables? Are any areas potential slip hazards? Do your facilities have adequate lighting throughout? Are there unnecessary...

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There is More to Preventative Maintenance for your Bleachers than You’d Think

BROC U Issue #5: Easily Actionable Steps Toward Reviewing your Equipment for Safe Operation and Use Do you wonder what's involved in implementing a preventative maintenance (PM) program or evaluating the safety status for your athletic facility? Public, private or otherwise, it is important to think with preventative maintenance in mind when trying to make your facility safe to use. Some items to think about when going through your next review of your bleacher could include: Clean off understructure Clean lubrication Re-lubricate Check wiring harness Clean friction rollers Check hardware for tightness Re-place missing nuts and bolts Check all seats or chairs for missing parts Bend understructure...

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Maximize the Life of Your Athletic Facility

BROC U Issue #2 Longevity is a Commitment to Consistency Athletic facility longevity inevitably falls to maintaining the equipment for longevity. Longevity can only be achieved through consistent attention. In order to make this less of a task and more of a habit, annually planned attention should be booked so everyone abides to it; it forces commitment. Everyone has busy schedules and sometimes things are forgotten but that's why scheduling a year out or placing a recurring program that happens without having to remember (i.e. outsourcing) are ways to mitigate that struggle many facilities planners, facilities directors, maintenance personnel, or...

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