Athletic Facility Safety: A Comprehensive Guide

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December 27, 2017

BROC U Issue #2

Longevity is a Commitment to Consistency

Athletic facility longevity inevitably falls to maintaining the equipment for longevity. Longevity can only be achieved through consistent attention. In order to make this less of a task and more of a habit, annually planned attention should be booked so everyone abides to it; it forces commitment. Everyone has busy schedules and sometimes things are forgotten but that’s why scheduling a year out or placing a recurring program that happens without having to remember (i.e. outsourcing) are ways to mitigate that struggle many facilities planners, facilities directors, maintenance personnel, or anyone else involved in the upkeep of sports facilities under their management.

Understanding the Implications of Under-serviced Equipment

Focus must be placed on helping make the most of the huge investment made into designing and building out an athletic facility by placing more focus on time after purchase. Although the equipment is new, before you know it, its 20 years old and beat up because it was not cared for as well as it maybe could’ve been to help push out that useful life span. Increase the life of your facility and ensured safety of the equipment inside your facility through some careful planning on annual attention moving into 2018! Some find it helpful to review some benefits of annual attention and what exactly the extent that is required. For that, learn more and go to our FAQ section.


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