Bringing Practicality to Mat Storage

BROC U Issue #12 | Bringing Practicality to Mat Storage

The Problem; The Process; The Solution

Many of our client’s number one reason for coming to us to develop a solution to storing their large wrestling mats is that they are simply in the way. They have a problem and need a solution, this is where BROC comes into play.

 The Problem:

The set up and take down of mats for a wrestling meet typically takes all members of the wrestling team moving them from their practice area to the gym or vice versa. Depending on the size of the meet it may take more than one mat to be used which doubles the inconvenience of carrying the mats from one location to the other. When moving mats from one location to another it involves going through doors, down stairs, or occurring other obstacles. Not only does moving the mats create issues but the weight of the mat is not light and can cause bodily injuries or damages to the mats creating additional costs for repair.

The Process:

All we need are three dimensions to make your problem a solution. We need to know the height from floor to truss, the length from truss to truss, and the distance from your wall to the first obstruction. This last dimension may not be necessary depending on the space in your gymnasium. There are options to accommodate certain needs whether you want purely ceiling hung (pictured below), wall mounted or some combination of both. For more custom options, some front end engineering is required but still seamless.


The Solution:

Simply turn the key of the Mat Hoist® wrestling mat storage system to lower your mats to the floor and roll out. The time to set up is approximately five minutes compared to a minimum of forty-five minutes from carrying the mats from one location to the other and limits potential injury that carrying through the elements or around obstacles could present. Mat Hoist completely eliminates the possibility of damage to the mats or injury to the participants. This method can store one or multiple mats at a time. The Mat Hoist® wrestling mat storage system was created to benefit wrestling programs and the schools or venues that house them, pushing down liability and challenge of storing large equipment. Many people do not know about this benefit and we only want to make those beneficiaries aware of the other more practical options out there for storing mats.

mat hoist

We work closely with our clients to find the best location for their new Mat Hoist. We work on every detail from beginning to end. If you do not know what you are looking for, we are here to help! If you have your dimensions great, if not, we can come take them for you or with you. Call us at any time 303.973.4517. We look forward to hearing from you!