There is More to Preventative Maintenance for your Bleachers than You’d Think

BROC U Issue #5: Easily Actionable Steps Toward Reviewing your Equipment for Safe Operation and Use

Some items to think about when going through your next review of your bleacher could include:

  1. Clean off understructure
  2. Clean lubrication
  3. Re-lubricate
  4. Check wiring harness
  5. Clean friction rollers
  6. Check hardware for tightness
  7. Re-place missing nuts and bolts
  8. Check all seats or chairs for missing parts
  9. Bend understructure back for proper alignment
  10. Check self-storing end rails for clearance
  11. Adjust system for proper operation
  12. Ensure you utilize experienced personnel in executing a proper PM service

Bleachers are an important part of the spectator experience, find out what you should include in your PM service plan. This quick clip gives you the ability to get started on your safety review today...However for those questions this just does not answer, contact the BROC team of specialists in the central office (303) 973-4517