An Interview with the VP at BROC, Dan Baker on the State of the Trades Industry

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January 23, 2018

Trade Crews a trade publication spoke with Dan Baker, Vice President & CFO of Bleacher Restorators (BROC, LLC) of Littleton, CO to learn more about his company and success in the skilled trades industry. BROC is family-owned and operated, and has provided design, construction, and installation services throughout Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, and beyond!

Company Profile

Company Name: Bleacher Restorators of Colorado, LLC dba BROC, LLC

Industry/Field: Commercial Construction (Athletic Venues; Educational Facilities: K-12/Higher-Ed)

Year Est.: 1982


Tell us a little about BROC and how it got started?

Our owner, Rick Baker, founded this business 35 years ago with a desire to support a growing family and provide for them something greater than he was afforded in his early years. He worked side by side with his employees, never afraid to get his hands dirty. He was a tradesman born of a tradesman who was able to take an idea and, through hard work, dedication and elbow grease, turn it into a company. A company that has allowed him to support his family along with the families of those he employs. BROC has evolved over the years, but has never lost its roots in where and why it originated: family. This concept of family continues to flow through our values today.

What do you love about your job? What gets you up in the morning even on tough days?

I love the nature of this business and the ever-changing challenges it brings daily. There are never two days the same. I get to enjoy the company, lead and learn from some sharp individuals. What gets me up even on the tough days is the fact that we are able to impact communities by providing facilities for them and their children to safely use and enjoy. We design with the careful thought that we are creating a centerpiece for the community of which they can be proud. Having that imprint is what keeps that carrot out in front, so we’re constantly chasing the next way to positively impact our team, projects, and community.

Why do employees like working for your company?

When we find employees that show initiative, an ability and desire to learn, we do everything we can to support and assist them in their goals. As an organization, we make it known that we are all in this together and we want everyone to have a part in driving our success and growth. We recognize when you put in the hard work, and that is rewarded. In addition, once mutual trust and respect is earned, you become family; something that remains a priority amongst our team and is widely known. We support those that support us, and most importantly there is no one throughout the company that is too good or above any work to be done. There is no such thing as “office personnel” who sit behind a desk and “field personnel” that do all the hard work; there is just the team as a whole doing their collective parts to reach ultimate success.

Any advice for those just starting their path in this industry? 

Trades are something that will remain valuable not only because of the skills you learn, but for the life lessons you will get along with it. This career path, if chosen, is one that is challenging, not everyone can do it. But if you show a want and desire to learn, mentors will take you under their wing just as someone did for them. I do advise: get ready to work (and I mean really work!) but after that work is done, you have something to show for all the sweat poured into it. I encourage anyone even mildly interested in this path to go try an apprenticeship and get your feet wet. It can be addicting and if it really is for you, you will have found something that will provide you satisfaction, stability, and means of supporting yourself and family for a lifetime.

Favorite quote to share? 

“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.” – C.G. Jung

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