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There is More to Preventative Maintenance for your Bleachers than You’d Think

BROC U Issue #5: Easily Actionable Steps Toward Reviewing your Equipment for Safe Operation and Use Do you wonder what's involved in implementing a preventative maintenance (PM) program or evaluating the safety status for your athletic facility? Public, private or otherwise, it is important to think with preventative maintenance in mind when trying to make your facility safe to use. Some items to think about when going through your next review of your bleacher could include: Clean off understructure Clean lubrication Re-lubricate Check wiring harness Clean friction rollers Check hardware for tightness Re-place missing nuts and bolts Check all seats or chairs for missing parts Bend understructure...

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Gymnasium and Stadium Bleacher Safety Accessory Easily Implemented

BROC U | Issue #4 Manufacturers have gone beyond codes in attempts to enhance bleacher safety. Mitigate the Risk by Closing off Access Suppliers of bleachers and other gymnasium components have taken safety a step further, going beyond the code language to help mitigate injury risk with specialized bleacher accessories and innovations. Gymnasium bleachers are widely used in high school football fields and gymnasiums around the country, yet there are inherent safety risks to their use. As a result, more and more school districts are installing vinyl end curtains to protect spectators from potential mishaps. Vinyl end curtains work by...

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Tie Athlete Safety into Your Athletic Facility Planning

BROC U Issue #3: Pitcher Safety in Baseball Moving Into High School Play In recent years, more focus has been placed on mandating rules in athletics played across the United States. One that BROC has consistently run across is in the game of baseball. Specifically, focused efforts are placed on pitching and the health and safety of the athlete. As we see a common occurrence in pitchers entering more competitive play, in collegiate and professional levels, pitch count is of the highest concern where careful attention is paid. In recent history, this has lacked at a more amateur level, high...

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