Making the Repair or Replace Decision on Your Scoreboard

BROC U Issue #8 | The Fix or Replace Decision for My Scoreboard

Did you ever wonder if your scoreboard needs fixed or replaced?

We just had a client reach out to us about this exact question. As not ever scenario will be the same this is to help understand what direction to go in. Each scenario can vary slightly from project to project as needed but this a is a scenario to prime you for better understanding how to diagnose the situation. So is it scoreboard repair or scoreboard replacement?

Is a Simple Repair the Answer?

BROC: What exactly are you experiencing with your scoreboard and what symptoms are showing?

Client: It was struck by lightning and will no longer turn on (this can stem from the electrical power source all the way to the circuitry of the scoreboard)

BROC: We will need to diagnose the issue to have a better idea what is needed. Based off the information you have provided, it sounds like you may need a new driver along with a new controller (communication sources in the scoreboard), a typical first step concerning power surges/communication malfunctions.

Client: Will this be a guaranteed fix?

BROC: Not necessarily, we might get in there and find that there are other issues once we install a new driver. This can also be something with your electrical. You will need to have a certified electrician come take a look before we can make any further decisions to understand the severity and location of the malfunction.

Client: Once we get book the electrician to look and find that there is not an issue. What is the alternative?

 Maybe its Time for Scoreboard Replacement but You Don’t Know Where to Start ...

Once the electrician was on sight and ran routine test and the scoreboard was inspected for and signs of physical damage or reasons for malfunction it was clear the diagnoses was replacement, so the conversation starts:

Client: What are my options?

BROC: The options are plenty and there are unique features for every preference or application. Of course, a good place to start is size, budget and power constrains based on the state of the potential new location.

Client: We are looking for a baseball scoreboard with Pitch Count (PC) as it is now required (by NFHS rule and explained further in BROC “U” Issue #3 surrounding scoreboard involvement in athletes safety). We would like the scoreboard to be wireless, contain LED lights, and larger in size but still works with our structure.

BROC: We must accommodate existing structure if its integrity can withstand any more load. So as a start, look at some manufacturers to get an idea of what suits your needs and wants in line with our size limitations (somewhere around 9’-0” tall by 20’-0” wide base on existing structure). Some of those manufacturers include FairPlay, Daktronics, Spectrum, and/or Nevco where each has a wide selection.

Factors Affecting Budget Outside Size

When you are making your decisions keep in mind, even though we are constrained by size, there are some options that really affect the budget:

  • Placard Signage
  • Video LED Display
  • LED Team Names
  • Controller Type Preference (Wired vs. Wireless)
  • Sound Integration
Untitled Design (34)

Client: Can we do a custom color?

BROC: Yes, this can have potential to impact pricing but if you can provide a pantone number (color match), it typically is not difficult to get the exact match.

Client: What are the options for the LED digital numbers?

BROC: The main option typically is color and the basic selection is amber or red with an alternate option of white.

Client: Can we add a placard board for our logo?

BROC: Yes, do note this adds size and weight to your board. Typical size will add an additional 2’-0” in height to the top or bottom of your structure. A good thing to remember is that a placard board can also be added later.


Client: We would like to move forward with the 8’-6” x 20’-0” standard baseball scoreboard, with Pitch Count, Amber LED, custom color (we will provide the pantone number to send to the manufacturer, white border). What are our next steps?

BROC: Once an order is placed and in this instance the pantone number is provided for the school color, a set of drawings are generated to get the look and feel of the scoreboard and colors associated to verify for approval. Once approved the boards will go into production, and remember, since these are custom designed, there is a bit of lead time which amounts to 6-8 weeks. The site location must then be prepared prior to the board arrival including:

  • Removal of the existing scoreboard
  • Verify location is suitable for new board – attachment points & structural integrity
  • Electrical upgrades
  • Painted structure

The board is then delivered, secured to the structure in the desired location (timing varies greatly depending on size and complexity of the board) and tied into power by a certified electrician, programmed and tested to be ready to use your next game. Scoreboard replacement, PLAY BALL!