How Much Do Bleachers Cost?

How much do bleachers cost?

This is a question that we get asked a lot. The short answer is - it depends. The price of a bleacher is determined by many factors, including the various features that can be added to or taken away from the basic bleacher design. This is true whether the bleacher is going to be in an indoor or outdoor venue. Some of the features that go into a final price estimate are:

1. Overall size of the bleacher

Bleachers vary in size from small portable units used for Little League games to large permanent structures found in school sports venues. How big you want your bleacher to be depends upon the size of the venue and how many people you want to seat. The industry standard is 18” equals one seat but this measurement can be expanded for more comfort.

2. Type of spectator

The average personal space per spectator in a student section may be somewhat less than is necessary for a section slated to be used by their parents.

3. Length of the bleacher

How long your bleacher should be dependent on the venue. For instance, the section of a football stadium from goal line to goal line is 300 feet. However, when calculating the seating capacity of the bleacher, exits need to be accounted for. The same is true for the indoor telescoping variety.

4. Number of rows

How many rows your bleacher requires is dependent upon your estimated number of spectators and the size and shape of the venue.

5. Indoor vs Outdoor

5a. Types of Indoor Seats

Seating options include:

  • Classic wooden bench seating - Constructed of dense southern yellow pine with a rich finish to greatly enhance the appearance of any school sports facility. Available in different sized back-to-back spacing.
  • Plastic bench seating - Modules with 18″-wide seating that is anatomically contoured for comfort. Each module provides seating with a minimum adult seat height of 16-1/2” and excellent leg room.
  • VIP seating - VIP seats are individual folding seats, built to be taller as in a theatre setting or sports arenas.

5b. Types of Outdoor Seats

Seating options include:

  • Classic aluminum bench seating – Typical aluminum plank mounted in a variety of ways depending on the system. Available in different sized back-to-back spacing.
  • VIP seating - VIP seats are individual folding seats, built to be taller and are typical of most professional venues and are the higher end of the options for outdoor seating.

6. Accessories/Personalization

Steel coating - There’s a choice of different steel coatings - regular black powdered coating, or powdered coating that matches the school or venue colors.

Logos - Your school logo can be incorporated into the bleacher design. There are many forms of incorporating the school’s logo. Logos can be incorporated into the bleacher ends as well as the bench seat sides at the aisles. Additionally, the lettering can be incorporated by having contrasting seat colors that spell out the school initials.


So, you can see that there’s a plethora of different options that factor into what the price of a bleacher is going to be. And, just like a car, as you add options the price increases. You can have the more affordable sedan with comfort but still friendly on the pocket book or you can go with the Lamborghini with all the bells and whistles. Both are viable options and create a comfortable setting, but the customization allows you to make it your own.

Our Process

We guide people through the process of helping them to decide what they need and what options are available so that we can at least provide a price range or some budget numbers to give a sense whether it is in their budget.

  • Example - A single six row, 85-foot bleacher with regular seating and power operation would cost anywhere from $25,000 - $40,000 depending on the options chosen. As you can see the range is large but ideally it will provide guidance showing the magnitude of the investment being looked at before diving into the details.

The Bottom Line on Price

It’s very difficult to be specific about how much a bleacher will cost without knowing the basics of what you want and what options you’ll choose. This is why we don’t list bleacher prices on our website. Because each project is unique and varies considerably, every detail - from design to the actual build - is custom tailored to your needs. That’s the beauty of this product and we enjoy being a part of every step of the way. We are here to make things easy and digestible but also there to provide every detail as well. Contact us today so we can begin the journey of building a centerpiece to your venue and something that everyone can be proud of and feel part of the process.

We can get your dream project rolling and budgeted in less than 48 hours!